Will X.com Be the Next Super App?

During a recent Elon Musk Interview, he revealed about his 2024 plans for the X.com (formerly Twitter). In the interview, He expressed his intention to unscramble X.com and transform it into a super app. In essence, China has a Super App called WeChat, to which Elon referred to as an ‘Everything App’. So, what is this Super App and where did he get this idea from? What are the changes he is going to make to x.com? And What benefits is he going to get out of it? As we all know, Elon Musk is the owner of a number of companies such as PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla, OpenAI, and many more, including Twitter/X.com. He never does anything aimlessly.

China’s Super App:

China has an app called WeChat which Effectively operates in number of countries. The countries include USA, Canada, Switzerland, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Maldives, Hong Kong etc. But it’s primarily used in China, because of the language and many other features which only works in China.

Features Of WeChat:

First of all, WeChat is a social media so it has all the features like posting pictures, text messaging, voice messaging, sharing videos and pictures just like any other social platform out their so what’s make it so special?

1. WeChat Factors For Companies:

Official Accounts:

Like all the other platforms it also provides the Official Account status to the companies and other famous peoples so they can stand out of the crowd. To the businesses so they can reach out to their customers and vice versa. The process of getting your profile or business verified on WeChat may be daunting, But it is worth the effort.

Article Hashtags:

You can also add hashtags to your article related to your article, to be discovered and to reach wider audience

Article Paywalls:

Content publishers can get their creations monetize by using the WeChat Paywall. If you have an official business account, you can set up paid blogs. This allows you to offer different levels of content to users and earn from your original creations. The paywall stops users who haven’t paid from getting into certain parts of the WeChat official account.

WeChat Stores:

Just like Amazon or any other e-commerce companies WeChat provide a platform with in the app where people can Buy and Sell. Creating a WeChat store provides customers with a quick way to find and purchase your products directly through WeChat. Another important thing for online sellers and buyers is that in WeChat you can use the store for customer care service. You can boost customer retention by providing support, sending notifications, and offering promotions.

Advertisement & Promotions:

WeChat provides numerous opportunities to market your products and build brand awareness. Utilize targeted content, promotions, flash sales, and giveaways to reach your audience. Collaborate with local influencers, run Pay-per-click campaigns, and explore additional marketing strategies through the platform.

WeChat Mini Program:

WeChat mini programs, or mini apps, are applications embedded within the WeChat app. They’re accessible instantly without the need for installation. Users can find and use them directly within WeChat without downloading, making the experience convenient and efficient. Mini programs include Entertainment, Food & Beverages, E-Commerce, Fun and Memes, etc.

Payment Gateways:

WeChat has an integrated payment gateway called tenpay, also known as WeChat Pay. As a secure and efficient payment method integrated inside the app, it quickly became the second most important method of payment in China. Now companies can access their customers via app and collect the money seamlessly through the mobile phones.

WeChat CRM:

(Client Relationship Management) CRM makes it easy for companies to collect information regarding their clients, tracking their behavior on the platform professionally and ethically. They use this information for their marketing strategies and for the effective WeChat advertisement campaigns. Additionally, CRM enables businesses to maintain better relationships with their clients by providing personalized services based on the collected data.

WeChat Channel And Livestream:

In 2020, WeChat added some more features to it like channels and livestreams. On these channels, you can make your own short-form video content. For businesses, these WeChat channels are like a new method for creating branded content and influencer marketing. Additionally, there is a trend in China called E-Commerce Livestream Selling, which is currently creating billions of dollars for Chinese businesses. WeChat has designed its e-commerce ecosystem in a way that encourages customers to make purchases without leaving the platform.

2. WeChat Factors For Individuals:

In addition to fundamental functionalities like messaging, voice notes, voice calls, video chats, and group video/voice calls, WeChat also provides users with a range of tools that streamline various daily tasks.

Translation, Transcription, And Image To Text:

You can translate the language and massages, by long pressing them you can translate into the languages you have set for WeChat. Same thing you can do to transcribe the message in the language you want it in.

Location Services:

Enabling the location service on WeChat empowers users to share their real-time location with friends. Moreover, this feature is leveraged by the app to guide users to geo-localized advertising content. The significance of WeChat’s localization features is steadily increasing in the realm of marketing, underscoring its growing importance for targeted promotional initiatives.

WeChat Search Engine:

It is a search engine introduced by Tencent to explore content within the social network. It only searches for content within the WeChat ecosystem. You can use the search engine to explore information such as articles on specific topics and to discover official accounts on WeChat.

WeChat Services:

WeChat Services, previously WeChat Pay, is a versatile platform connecting users’ WeChat E-wallets to their bank accounts or credit cards. It offers easy payment options like QR codes and Quick Pay. As of 2022, users can link their E-wallets to digital RMB E-wallets. Beyond payments, WeChat Pay covers a range of services, from handling bills, loans, and mobile top-ups to booking travel, taxis, hotels, and more. It’s a one-stop solution for various daily transactions and services.

Second Account:

In recent updates WeChat is internally testing allowing users to use second account registered on the same mobile number.

4K Video Sharing:

You can also send 4K videos to you friends to your colleagues, And with this feature they also added a feature where you can send about 99 pictures at once.

So, reading all of the above functions I mentioned, you must have wished for the app to be available, working completely in each perspective of life. Cause I did. Believe it or not, if Elon Musk made these upgrades possible to his platforms with the current functions that Twitter/X.com now has, this would be the endgame for all the other social media platforms out there.

Technical complexities:

There will be number of things those can be challenging for Elon Musk while upgrading X.com to an “Everything App” like. Creating a system that brings together various features such as messaging, finance, and e-commerce demands a solid foundation and a user-friendly experience. It’s like building a reliable structure that allows people to chat with friends, manage their money, and shop online effortlessly. Think of it as making sure everything works well together, so users can enjoy a seamless and straightforward experience while engaging in different activities within the same platform.

Super Apps: A Business Perspective

WeChat, the super app, generates billions of dollars every year for its parent company Tencent Holding Ltd., which has a market cap of $378 billion, making it one of the biggest revenue-generating companies annually. Here is the chart for how fast is there revenue increasing.

Year WeChat Revenue
2022$21.43 billion
2021$17.49 billion
2020$16.15 billion
2019$12.28 billion
2018$10.85 billion
2017$8.37 billion
2016$5.52 billion
2015$3.6 billion
Year by year revenue

If WeChat continues its current growth rate, it may surpass other social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube in the coming years. If Elon Musk manages to create a super app similar to WeChat, designed to operate not only in China but also globally, the potential for generated revenue could be astronomical. Such an app has the potential to break revenue records.

Elon Musk The Strategist:

We all are aware of his excellence his mind, his ideas but the things which brought him in to the light first time was the strategies he made for his advertisement purposes like Controversial Design of Tesla CyberTruck, Pre-order Model, and Social Media Savvy. Elon Musk uses Twitter to connect directly with fans, share updates, and create a community. Strategic teasers and leaks keep the public engaged, while viral moments, like the “bulletproof glass” incident during the Cybertruck unveiling, boost its visibility. Musk’s approach builds anticipation and excitement around Tesla’s Cybertruck. Musk’s strategies have always been unique, and I believe that is the only reason he has come all the way up here. Let’s see how Elon Musk pictures the strategy for the super X.com.

X.com: The Future Remains Unwritten

No one knows what will happen in the future for us or for Elon Musk’s ‘X.com.’ However, as we have read above, it is expected to be amazing and profitable for him if he successfully creates it for all the countries where WeChat is not operating. To achieve this, Musk must ensure it provides the best, smooth experience to its users; otherwise, it may end up as a failure, similar to the Meta Threads App, which was created exactly like Twitter. This highlights the importance for Elon Musk to work diligently on his Twitter/X.com super app, making it unique by adding new features beyond those offered by WeChat. What do you think of Twitter/X.com on becoming a super app? Comment below to give you opinions.

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