The Future Of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Will AI destroy us or going to improves our lives? Well, the thing is when we talk about the danger and benefits of AI different peoples have different perspectives on it, some think of it as a destroyer some of us thinks it can be of great use. The fear of majority of the people in the world about having AI is that, AI is going to take away their jobs and that it’s going to invade their privacy. But what we are going to discuss is about that how AI is going to improve our livelihood in future. What are the major developments we can expect in the field of AI in near future.

What is AI?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) means a computer system capable of performing complex tasks that historically only humans were able to do. For example: Reasoning, Making Decisions and Solving Problems based on boundaries those which us humans are going to set for them so they can be in control and won’t become resistant or rebellious to us. AI will be each and everywhere working with us or I may say for us. It have the potential to change the way we live in this world.

AI in Businesses:

AI is already being used in almost all the unicorn companies worldwide, making their work easy, efficient, and accurate. So, why are companies choosing AI to work instead of humans? Well, think of it like this: if you have a company generating millions of dollars in revenue but you want to increase your revenue, what will be the first step you take? The company plans to hire fewer workers for the job and assign the additional tasks to AI. In this way, you will spend less on labor, medical expenses for employees, and you won’t have to hire humans, saving on salaries as a significant cost, no more holidays, no more complains, and AI is scalable. These are some of the main reasons why companies are choosing AI over humans.

Companies Using AI:

  • 35% of global companies use AI
  • About 50% of businesses plan AI integration in 2023
  • China leads with a 58% highest AI adoption rate
  • Global AI market expected to reach $1.85 trillion by 2030
  • Larger enterprises are 2x more likely to use AI than smaller businesses

Maybe now the AI effect in companies is clear to you.

People Fearing Of AI:

When we think about the future, we instinctively feel excitement, but we also experience fear about what is coming toward us. People mainly fear AI due to job insecurity, and this concern does make sense to some extent. However, the first time the calculator was invented, people lost their jobs. The second time, when the computer was invented, people also lost their jobs. Likewise, people are going to lose their jobs in the era of AI. But here is the good side of it. Whenever technology upgrades, it creates new jobs, and these new job opportunities often outnumber the jobs lost. Let’s take the example of computers. As you know, we now have multiple fields within the computer sector, and currently, this industry is generating more jobs than any other sector out there. People who fear for their privacy do have a point, but we can also reduce this threat over time by upgrading technology measures.

People Excited About AI:

In comparison there are also people in this world those are highly excited for the future having AI in it. The AI can literally do everything that an average person can do other than creativity. Take such as Reasoning, Making Decisions and Solving Problems for an organization or small businesses. In the near future, these capabilities will likely extend to every sector worldwide, including education, business, health, and more. AI is here, and it’s on the verge of making our lives better in ways never before seen in human history. I am very excited about the future having AI. What about you?

Worlds Genius Minds Vs AI:

“Mark my words AI is far more Dangerous than Nukes.” said Elon Musk. We all know about Elon; he is considered one of the greatest minds in the world. In several interviews, he has expressed alarming concerns about AI. He believes that AI could potentially lead to ‘civilization destruction’ and pose a ‘threat to humanity’. But wait what about other peoples are saying about AI cause all peoples have different perspectives. “It’s been a dream ever since the early days of science fiction, to have a computer you can talk to in a natural way, have a conversation with and have it do things for you.” Said Jeff Bezos founder of Amazon, and “AI is one of the most important things humanity is working on. It is more profound than, I dunno, electricity or fire,” says Pichai, speaking at a town hall event in San Francisco in January. So, is it really a danger or not? Let’s not go deep into it because nobody really knows. People can only share ideas about the future; nobody can predict it because predicting the future is not possible. But if you are looking for any opinion I personally think, I’m excited about the future because having AI brings me happiness. It’s like having a companion you can talk to, and it can do anything you ask just by giving it a prompt. But it also gives me goosebumps. What if AI ends up in the wrong hands and is used unethically? Let’s just hope for best.

AI In Daily Life:

In thousands of movies, we’ve seen AI achieving incredible advancements for humanity. Whether it’s in healthcare, education, or the food industry, AI is portrayed as solving a wide range of problems. However, there’s also the darker side depicted in some films, where AI leads to the destruction of humanity. This duality illustrates that the future of AI could be amazing if we use it for our benefit, but if it falls into the wrong hands, it could be disastrous.

AI X Modern Robotics:

On the other hand, as for the AI there is also a field which is highly in discussion is Modern Robotics. The worlds biggest tech companies are trying to combine them. Some of them even got succuss, But the technology is still at its early stage. If they complete the work, they will change the world, and it will never be the same for us again. We can imagine it as a new specie with us which can think, create, talk and do all the other things on commands.

Modern Slaves:

You can also look at this technology as one where you will have your own modern slaves with no feelings, blindly following your commands no matter what you ask. If we succeed in combining AI with Robotics, we will have a type of slave that can even go to war, eliminating the need for human lives to be lost. The human history will never be the same again. Although there will always be fields where we require humans, those cannot be replaced such as emotions and creativity roles in our society.


As we discussed these are the numbers of various ways, we can expect the future of AI will be. It depends on us how we shape it to ourselves. Whether we see it as an enemy or as any other new technological development. Making sure we work together and use AI in an ethical way can help us make progress and solve problems in society. In my opinion, the future will be exciting if we get all these technological developments right. What do you think of AI in the future?

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