First Global Resolution On Artificial Intelligence

There’s a type of curiosity among people about how artificial intelligence (AI) will impact our way of life. This has spurred governments and leading minds to convene at the United Nations to discuss and implement safeguards to ensure this powerful technology is safe for us and future generations. The creation of “safe, secure, and trustworthy” AI systems that uphold fundamental freedoms and human rights is demanded in the first global eight-page resolution. It advises parties involved and member states to avoid from using AI in a way that violates international laws on human rights.

The resolution additionally calls on governments to establish national guidelines, rules, and standards for the ethical AI development and implementation. It also asks organizations to provide technical assistance to the countries and nation in need. For better Future of AI and Humans.

UK and US agree deal to work together on AI

The US and UK collaborated in April 2024. This partnership focuses on developing robust testing methods for the most powerful AI models. They’ll exchange info on AI capabilities, risks, and safety research. The goal is to make ai development safe for daily use, while addressing potential threats such as misinformation and other AI ethics.

The key elements of the resolution are:

1. Increasing public awareness of the benefits and dangers of AI.
2. Increasing resources and capacity for AI research and development.
3. Ensuring that AI technologies are transparent and protect privacy.
4. Addressing the problems of prejudice and diversity in AI algorithms and datasets.

Regulatory approaches to AI

There’s a growing movement towards regulating Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure its safe and beneficial technological development. Imagine stricter rules for self-driving cars (high risk) compared to chatbots (lower risk). This way, innovation can continue while keeping people safe. The European Union’s (EU) proposed AI act is a good example.

European Union AI Act

This act establishes the ethical and risk-based AI development, and deployment across European block.

US National AI Strategy

This Strategy emphasizes the safety and security consideration in US AI development.


The text stresses the critical need to promote safe, secure and trustworthy AI systems that uphold human rights and sustainable development for all.

Adopted: By United Nations (@UN) on March 21, 2024

AI Involved in Crimes

There are so many recent posts on internet people talking about, being scammed with a deepfake created with the help of AI, and even some of them mentions the hacking. Keeping these crimes in mind. This new resolution is a good step for making AI safe for us.

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